The track for the World Athletics Championships Doha 2019, with its spectacular light show, gave us a taste of World Athletics' new conception of elite competition.

However, the new brand identity of the international athletics federation could not be limited to just the competition surface. For this reason, World Athletics decided to involve Mondo, its Official Supplier and partner since 1987, to redesign the range of sports equipment for elite competition.

Mondo technicians worked together with World Athletics to create an innovative design that incorporates the lines and colours of the federation's new logo to completely revamp the look of the arena for both indoor and outdoor international competition.

And of course, all this without sacrificing maximum reliability, comfort and safety for both athletes and judges.

The track and equipment are thus lit up with lights, creating additional movement during the races, as if the track itself were actively participating in the action of the athletes.

And spectators, whether they are in the stadium or at home, can feel part of the show and its engaging dynamism.

“Athletics is undergoing a revolution, both in design and in the integration of technology. This is a demanding sport that always requires the highest quality, which is why we at Mondo are so proud to have worked alongside World Athletics to redesign the equipment that will mark the future of athletics,” said Ignacio Mercado, Director of Mondo Iberica's Sports Equipment Division.

Technology and design

Innovative, versatile and with integrated LED technology: the new equipment for elite competitions features, for the first time, LED devices that light up and adapt to developments in the race.

The new range includes more than 30 completely redesigned products, including the iconic lane marker cones, hurdles, drop zones, high jump and pole vault stands, and athlete benches.

New techniques, such as rotational moulding, have also been applied to the production of the equipment itself.

The design includes sections in the new colours of World Athletics, which will remain unchanged to reinforce the new brand identity of the federation, and sections that can be customised with the look of the different events.

A range of equipment for official competitions

“World Athletics is excited to showcase the new Mondo range of sports equipment which was created with the objective of innovating and incorporating the new brand of World Athletics. The collaboration between World Athletics Competition, Brand, Event Presentation and Mondo brought this amazing range of innovative design to life which we are pleased to share with the athletics world.” Jakob Larsen, Director of Events and Competitions World Atlhletics.

The new World Athletics line of sports equipment will be provided and showcased by World Athletics at the World Athletics Indoor and Outdoor Championships and made available for the other World Athletics Series events.

The new equipment will be unveiled first in July 2021, when it will enliven the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, which will be held at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium, where the Mondotrack WS track has also been installed.

In March 2022, the equipment will be used at the 18th World Athletics Indoor Championships in Belgrade, Serbia, and in July 2022 at the 18th World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

To learn more about the new range of athletics equipment visit this website.